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Agneta Steam
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A Seat in the Boat of the Sun 


Headdresshipping Priest Seto X Priest Mahaad shortfic. Seto confronts Mahaad about his research into Soul-magic, while not so far away, an ill wind is blowing.
Rated: T / Supernatural & Drama / Chapters: 1 / Words: 887

A Word of Advice 

Diluted Thoughts

“Bear in mind that while these walls appear to be thick, they carry sound quite well.” Seth/Mahaado. Headdressshipping.
Rated: M /Romance /Chapters: 1 / Words: 1,488

Crossing Swords

Zie Ayton

While dodging lessons, Atem encounters a scene perhaps best kept a secret. Round three YGOFFC fic. Headdresshipping.
Rated: K+ / Humor & Romance /Chapters: 1 / Words: 1,458

Ever a Surprise 


Justice is in the name of the gods. Sequel to "Ever Just the Same", though one is not needed for the other. Set, Mahad, Mana, and Atem meet one fateful night in the village of thieves. Headdressshipping SetxMahad for YGOFFC Season 10 Round 3.
Rated: K+ /Chapters: 1 / Words: 1,910

Fair Play

Diluted Thoughts

Just because Seth was his greatest rival didn't mean Mahaado couldn't enjoy himself...even a little. But then again, little things — even words — go a long way, given the right incentive. Seth/Mahaado. Headdressshipping.
Rated: T / Romance / Chapters: 1 /Words: 1,318

Forty Eight in the Shade

Sierra's Darkness

"Give me one reason not to send you back to Atem disfigured and dishonoured," he threatened. "I could blame this entire thing on your clumsiness, your lack of experience." / Set x Mahaad / Headdressshipping
Rated: K+ / Adventure / Chapters: 1 / Words: 3,591

Great Divide

Mandolina Lightrobber

Separated from everything they know, rendered invisible in the face of a greater fate, they still have to find a way to live on. Headdressshipping. /Priest Mahaado, Priest Seto/
Rated: T / Supernatural & Suspense / Chapters: 1 / Words: 3,189

In Flames


They were similar, in that they had nothing to lose. Headdressshipping for the YGO Fanfiction Contest S10R3.
Rated: K+ / Angst & Hurt-Comfort / Chapters: 1 / Words: 1,073

Lightmaker Who Comes From The Dark


The fallen Pharaoh is to err alone in the land of the dead, longing for an eternal rest he won't allow himself to have. Set-centric, post-AE-canon. Written for contest.
Rated: T / Drama & Spiritual / Chapters: 1 / Words: 1,114

Like Cats and dogs


Mahaado and Seth fight like cats and dogs sometimes.
Rated: K+ / Chapters: 1 / Words: 1,026

Love at first sight

When a new member arrives to the Pharaoh's court, Mahado starts playing host to strange new feelings. Not only that, but Seth also has new feelings that he doesn't know about. But when something from Mahado's past comes back to haunt him, will Seth be able to help him, or will Mahado want to be left alone? Read to find out!
Rated: - / Chapters: 4 / Words: -

Mixed Feelings


Mahaad contemplates his relationship with Set. Headdressshipping oneshot. Season 10, Round 3, YGO fanfiction Contest.
Rated: T / Romance & Angst / Chapters: 1 / Words: 1,318

Of Something More Than This


Back from the dead Mahado has to deal with conflicting loyalties and wants as old feelings fight to be felt. Can he help save 2 old friends without betraying another as his feelings grow? Is there a future for them all...something more then this?
Rated: T / Chapters: 1 / Words: 4,788

Parting of the Sensory

Dusty Llama

Even in the afterlife, a god may feel alone. Headdresshipping - Priest Set x Priest Mahad
Rated: K+ / Romance & Spiritual / Chapters: 1 / Words: 844



[Egypt, AR] Knowing when to strike softly is just as valuable as knowing when to strike with force. There are only a handful of others who can deal with Priest Set after a defeat, and Mahaad is one of them. -Headdressshipping, Set x Mahaad- done for the YGO fanfic contest.
Rated: T / Genre: Hurt & Comfort / Chapters: 1 / Wordc: 2,819


My Misguided Fairytale

"They will be able to tell you are among the living. Your soul will be tested. Questioned. And defenseless." / AE, Headdresshipping, Set x Mahad
Rated: T / Supernatural & Suspense / Chapters: 1 /Words: 7,652

The Shaping of Stone


Historical AU, France and the Crusades. Mahad believes he has been called to a life of contemplation. Seth disagrees. But how do you choose between your king and your God? Headdressshipping SetxMahado . For contest.
Rated: K / Spiritual & Tragedy / Chapters: 1 / Words: 5,312

When Mana Sneezes


The first ever documented brofist. S10R3
Rated: K+
Chapters: 1
Words: 3,417
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